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Beef Bazadais Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association. Its aims are to –

BBA is governed by a constitution and regulations in accordance with the aims of the association. Membership is considered on written application.

Bazadais Cattle

Bazadais are lean, heavily muscled cattle. Genetic testing has demonstrated high feed efficiency and the cattle prosper on a wide variety of country and climatic conditions.

The breed is single muscled on DNA testing, and Bazadais calves are small at birth, weighing on average 38kg. Putting Bazadais bulls over Tropical or British breed females does not create a maternal-foetal mismatch in size and associated birthing problems. This is a distinct point of difference with other European beef breeds.

Bazadais cows have good maternal characteristics being easy calvers with moderate milk production. They are very aware and protective of their calves against wild dogs.

Bazadais carcase characteristics of exceptional length, large eye muscle area (EMA) at an early age, and light bone enables a very high yield (75%+). The meat is finely textured and marbled with famed tenderness. In France, the breed’s country of origin, Bazadais beef is considered to be the highest quality of all French breeds.

Bazadais bulls are exceptional terminal sires over Tropical and British breeds. They pass on the breed’s enviable carcase traits, yield and eating quality to their calves. The breed offers a readily-achievable increase in productivity and profitablility to beef producers looking for a competitive advantage in the Australian beef industry.

Bazadais Bull

Bazadais Bull

Bazadais are lean, heavily muscled, small boned cattle with a uniform distribution of fat over the carcase.

Bazadais Cow

Bazadais Cow with Calf

Bazadais cows have good maternal characteristics being easy calvers with moderate milk production.

Bazadais Calves

Bazadais Calves

Bazadais are renowned for producing small calves which grow rapidly from 3 weeks of age.


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